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How To Pick The Right Home

1. Neighborhood

It’s important to find a neighborhood that will support your current and future lifestyle. Would you like to live in a neighborhood that’s lively for the single life or a quiet area that is more family-oriented? Do you prefer a newer development or an older neighborhood? Make time to drive through the different neighborhoods to get a feel of the community and how it might fit your needs. Also, talk to some people who live in the area. There are additional factors to consider as well. Some factors are school quality, safety, local amenities, and commute time.

2. Check for Red Flags

When you buy a house, you are investing in the neighborhood as well as a house.

As you are looking at a specific neighborhood be sure to pay attention to signs that the area might not be in the best shape. Have property values declined? Is there a number of foreclosures or abandoned properties? Check with your Realtor who can assist you in finding out more details about the area you are thinking of potentially buying in.

3. Monthly Budget

The high cost of living in a particular neighborhood could be the deal-breaker. Check and see what the property taxes are. See if there are monthly HOA fees. The HOA fees are required in certain communities. The property tax rate might be higher in one neighborhood vs another. That could be the difference of you purchasing a home for $200,000.00 with higher property taxes vs a home for $250,000.00 with lower property taxes.

4. The Must-Haves List

What is your criteria? What things are a must no matter what house you choose? Are you looking for a basement, garage, several bathrooms, private parking, a pool, extra space for storage? It helps to make a list of non-negotiables when deciding if you want to go visit a property. Doing this will help you quickly compare different houses.

Choosing your ideal home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. You should expect to see several different properties and comparing them against one another before finally making a decision on where you will be spending your time for the next several years to come.



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