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Cost-Effective Ways to Keep Your House Cool in the Summer

Summertime is for most, the best time of the year. With beautiful sunshine in the summer often comes the heat and in many areas humidity that can take your breath away when you walk outside. With rising temperatures comes rising costs for most homeowners since your A/C is running constantly trying to combat the heat. Here are some helpful tips.

1. Dehumidifier

If you live in a humid area, your sweat evaporates slower, so it’s best to wear loose cotton and other natural fabrics to boost cooling. Lowering the humidity will also help you feel cooler. Summer months can sometimes get too hot. It is sticky and humid and it is almost impossible to feel comfortable both day and night.

It may sound like a great idea to open a window at this time until bugs start flying inside your house and more hot air starts fanning around your house.

Using your dehumidifier during the hot months of summer will help you indulge in a relaxing time in your home during the daytime and enjoy a good quality sleep during the night.

If you are worried that your skin will dry out due to the use of the dehumidifier, you can just switch this on for a few hours a day.

2. Set Your Ceiling Fans to Rotate Counter-Clockwise

Doing this will help move the warmth away from the room. In turn, you will feel cooler. This method of reversing the rotation of the blades will push the warmth to the ceiling instead of blowing it in your direction.

3. Insulate Your Home Properly

Seal cracks around windows and doors to keep the cool air inside. Check the attic, When the summer sun beats down on your roof it can heat up the whole house. By adding insulation in the attic, it can help keep the heat out.

4. Window Covering

Sun shining in throughout the day can raise the temperature inside your home. Covering your windows with drapes and window blinds can help reflect some of the sun’s rays.

5. Choose The Grill Over The Oven

Besides the sun, running appliances such as the oven or the dryer can be a major source for heating up your home. Cooking outside will significantly reduce the heat in your home. So grab the burgers and fire up the grill.

6. Unplug Appliances When Not In Use

Plugged in electronics generate heat even when they are off. Unplug things like toasters, game systems, computers, phone chargers, etc.

7. Turn On The Bathroom Fans

Exhaust fans are great at helping keep your home cool by pulling hot air out and allowing the cool air to replace it.

8. Open And Close Doors Throughout Your Home

It makes sense to keep doors open as a possible way to create airflow, try closing doors to rooms you are not using. This will help prevent cold air from heading into these rooms while helping the rooms you want to stay cooler benefit the most.

9. Ice And A Fan

This is an old school trick that was has been used for years when most people did not have A/C. Simply place a bowl of ice in a spot where the fan would blow across it. This will create a cool breeze that is great on hot days.

10. Install A Whole House Fan

Growing up we had one in our home and man did it do the job on pulling the heat out of the house (especially once the sun went down). Basically, it is a vent installed usually in a hallway that you turn a knob the vent opens, and the fan sucks out the hot air of your home. It cools the house down it a short amount of time.



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